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Monday, December 12, 2016

Gift Idea for Picture Book illustrators and Writers: ThumbNailers

Not sure what to get the picture book artist or writer or designer on your gift list?  Perhaps my ThumbNailers will fill the bill.

As an illustrator/writer, I frequently found myself drawing boxes for thumbnailing ideas and storyboards. After the umpteenth time, I wondered if there was a better way and went shopping. After a bit of searching, I came up empty handed and decided to design and self publlish my own. After all, if I found it useful someone else might. Tah Dah! The original 6 x 9" ThumbNailer and The BIG ThumbNailer designed by me for likeminded creatives. Both books are printed by CreateSpace, An Amazon.com Company. 

To Buy:
Directly via CreateSpace Click Here: ThumbNailer  
OR if you prefer
Amazon click here: ThumbNailer
The ThumbNailer is a book of thumbnail boxes for your creative process. It is a creative helper for illustrators, designers, doodlers, artists, storytellers. Better than a blank sketch book or notebook as the thumbnail boxes are already drawn out. It features eight thumbnail size boxes per page, each with a faint center line. Use them to jot down your ideas or doodle spreads or narratives in a storyboard format.  At only 6 x 9", it is very portable and great for creating on the fly.

To Buy
CreateSpace Click Here: The BIG ThumbNailer 
OR if you prefer
Amazon click here: The BIG ThumbNailer

For those who doodle bigger, check out The BIG ThumbNailer. The 8.5" x 11" size allows for bigger Thumbnail boxes. Just like the ThumbNailer it features eight thumbnail size boxes per page, each with a faint center line just bigger.

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